Publicity Stun?

October 21, 2009 § Leave a comment

The SA Liberal leader Isobel Redmond has offered to be “tasered” to prove the worth of these devices to the South Australian public.

During the interview she mentioned “police confronting people with mental illness” as if mental illness was something to be feared, and worse, justified the use of these excrutiatingly painful devices to “subdue them”.

Her rationale was that it’s better than using a normal gun, but surely if police know it (probably) won’t kill them, then they’re more likely to use it for more frivolous reasons.  Granted, police can be charged with assault for using such a device without good reason, but as in most situations like this, it’s the word of the offender against the word of the police.

The recent death of a Queensland man who was tasered 3 times during his arrest earlier this year by Police should be a reminder of the dangers of use of any such device.  Its use should surely be as much of a last resort as a conventional firearm.


Taser me, says SA Opposition leader – ABC News
Police Taser death ignites debate – ABC News
Liberal leader’s taser offer ‘a stunt’ – ABC News

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