Losing weight’s as easy as ABCDE

April 7, 2010 § 4 Comments

Adas Bis Silq

Two months ago, as a result of a sleep health study I decided to try to lose weight.  AGAIN!

I wanted to do it without the “aid” of the plethora of weight loss companies or by forking out dough for expensive, noisy gym classes.

Over the past 2 months, I’ve lost around 13 kilos. People have been noticing the change and are asking me what I’ve done, so I thought I’d share my experiences and the principles behind my “success”.

A = Alcohol abstinence

Inspired by the concept of Febfast in an article by Australian wine writer Max Allen, I stopped drinking alchohol for a month which kick-started things nicely. I didn’t actually participate in Febfast, but might do so next year.  It’s a good cause.

I’ve resumed drinking, but not every night and try to limit myself to 1 glass when I do.  If I don’t succeed however, there’s no self flagellation.

B = Bread (reduction)

only one slice and not at every meal

C = Chocolate (elimination/reduction)

and other sweets/cakes/lollies

D = Diet

I’m eating sensible portions of healthy low-fat food  3 times per day. (with a serve of fruit or a few nuts in between if necessary).

I always eat breakfast. Cereal and fruit.  Not a fry-up.

A nutritious precooked home-made meal in the fridge at all times really helps. For example Adas Bis Silq is easy and nutritious.

Click here for the recipe

E = Exercise

brisk walking for 1 hr at least 4-5 days per week endeavouring to make this social when possible.

F = Footnote

The other trigger for the need to lose weight was a sleep study which showed that my snoring was waking me and my significant other, frequently throughout the night.  I’ve trialled a CPAP machine for a month, discovering that APAP actually worked better for me.  I’ve now returned it and have been trying to sleep without it.  A reliable source tells me I’m now snoring less so my sleep hygiene would appear to be improved due to the weight loss.

However, I’m aware that the process of ageing and other behavioural/physiological factors can predispose one to apnoea so it’s still on my possible to do list.  Will keep an eye/ear out for the nocturnal decibels.

What I’ve learnt

I’m hoping to keep the weight off this time.  ABC’s “Healthy Living” site and others should help keep me on track.

I’ve realised that alcohol lowers my ability to resist excess quantities of yummy food.  It also makes me snore more.  I guess the pursuit of sleep hygiene helped create an imperative for weight loss.


Febfast – A national Australian health and charity initiative

Lebanese Lentil and Silverbeet soup recipe (Adas Bis Silq)

“Lose weight for the long term” People who lose weight and keep it off are rare. What are they doing right? – ABC Healthy Living

Sleep apnoea over-diagnosed?” by Dr Norman Swan

Max Allen writes about wine


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