Great cities have great orchestras

July 25, 2011 § Leave a comment

If ever you needed proof as to why the Arts in all their forms matter in Australia, have a look at this uplifting video of the inner workings of the Sydney Opera House, set to the music of Nick Cave and performed by some of the many performers at Sydney’s iconic masterpiece.

Historian Geoffrey Bolton, a former WA Citizen of the Year and emeritus professor at Murdoch University, said posterity would severely judge “a generation of provincial philistine pygmies”

Although referring to the parlous state of affairs with reference to Arts funding in Western Australia, Professor Bolton’s comments could well be applied to those considering drastic cuts to the full-time membership of Orchestra Victoria.

An appalling decision to close the Australian National Academy of Music (ANAM) in 2008 was averted after concerted political pressure and lobbying from the public.

Melbourne takes pride in itself as a major cultural centre of Australia. So how can it be possible for two of its major arts institutions to have been threatened with major cuts or closure? What lessons have been been learnt from the ANAM debacle?

I hope Victorians and the wider Australian arts community rally together, write to and visit their local members, contact mainstream and social media in order to voice their outrage at proposed cuts to Orchestra Victoria. It can and DOES make a difference if you do.

Let’s band together to help ensure a positive outcome for an important part of Victoria’s cultural fabric.

Make a start by joining the facebook group devoted to this cause.


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