Alan Jones vs responsible media

October 1, 2012 § Leave a comment

Alan Jones has hijacked sensible factual political discourse for a surprising number of years. His “pick and stick” approach is to bully and harrass those who disagree with him and praise those who pander to his point of view, which he in turn presents as “fact.”

The only way to circumvent this is to neuter his “credibility” through financial, political and factual means. If sponsors withdraw their support, politicians refuse requests for “interviews” and everything he says on air continues to be scrutinized for its veracity, his Jurassic media model faces extinction and he knows it.

But he won’t go down without a fight. He’ll be kicking, screaming and spewing forth bile whilst encouraging his apoplectic listeners to call in and do the same. This is how the shockjock’s feedback loop works. He’s probably loving the attention he’s getting at the moment, but as his sponsors begin to evaporate he may start to realize that this time, like Icarus, he’s flown a little too close to the sun.

2GB holds a broadcast license. With that license comes the right to broadcast his points of view. With that right however comes their reponsibilty to observe the required standards of how those views are expressed.

Although Jones’ remarks about the Prime Minister were made off air, they were made in a public forum. One which hailed him a hero in the wider political debate. Prime Minister Gillard has chosen not to dignify Jones’ most recent offensive remarks and his quasi apology with an official response.

If politicians of all persuasions were to boycott Alan Jones’ radio show his ratings would nosedive.

Freedom of speech is a right we all share.

I’m exercising mine now.

Exercise yours if you like by signing the following online petition.


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