12 Booze Free Months

July 26, 2013 § 4 Comments

Well, I’ve done it. 12 booze free months. 28 kgs lighter and more than 7,000 kms travelled on my bike. I’ve found a new addiction. Celebrated my “soberversary” with a 185km bike ride.

I’ll to try to continue this sobriety thing until Christmas. If I can do “moderation” after that, then I reckon we’re winning. If not, I now know how to “do abstinence”.

I didn’t travel this journey on my own.

I want to publicly acknowledge and thank Chris Raine, the founder of “Hello Sunday Morning” for establishing this important organization. A wiser head on such young shoulders would be hard to find. http://hellosundaymorning.org/

Jill Stark, journalist, and author of the highly acclaimed book “High Sobriety” for documenting her pithy, intelligent insights into a Scots/Aussie party gal taking on a year without booze. In it, she also illustrates how the booze industry likes to fuel our love affair with grog by saturating major sporting events with ads. (I’ve attended numerous footy games this past year without beer goggles and they’ve all been awesome!)
“High Sobriety” http://scribepublications.com.au/books-authors/title/high-sobriety/

Ben Mitchell, whose blog Year of Living Sober (YOLS) I found randomly through twitter, and whose efforts inspired me to tackle a booze free year in the first place. Thanks for those encouraging tweets in the early days of my own YOLS Ben!
http://yearoflivingsober.com/ Ben’s also written a couple of novels. Not necessarily about booze, but about other stuff. You can find them here. http://www.benjamingrantmitchell.com/BGM/Home.html

I also want to thank my friends, colleagues and family especially my beautiful wife Linda. Without their constant love, support and encouragement, my year off booze would’ve been that much harder. A special thanks too to my cycling buddy Liam, who helped me up those first hills on the bike on our way to doing the 145km 3 Dams challenge in Perth earlier this year.

And to James, whose wise counsel kick-started a sensible idea into action, I thank you.

So here’s to any of us who take on the personal challenge of changing our relationship with alcohol. Maybe we’re heralding a new beginning in developing different attitudes towards booze. Or maybe we just want to prove to ourselves that we can make and keep a commitment of temporary or permanent sobriety. We’re finding ways of socializing, de-stressing, being funny, sexy whatever, that don’t necessarily have to include booze. And in my book if we can just do that, then we’re all winning. One day at a time.

Here’s to life!



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