About me

I’m a Perth-dwelling, food-loving musician. Thanks for stopping by.

My first musical memories of playing music were the recorder in Auckland, New Zealand. I switched to clarinet when I was 9 simply because my uncle played one and my Dutch grandfather adored classical music. Dad also had an eclectic music collection and a great sound system so from an early age I heard everything from Mozart and Bach to Miles Davis and Pink Floyd. I also have strong memories of Nana singing Lehar’s Merry Widow waltz to me as an infant. When we play that piece in the orchestra I always think of her! Thanks Nana!

Music is such a powerful medium and has the capacity to change peoples’ lives. If I was to play anyone a piece to convince them of this, I think it’d have to be Beethoven’s 9th where the chorus enters for the first time with the words Oh friends! Not these sounds! But let us strike up more pleasant sounds and more joyful.

Jazz, with its equivalent classical chamber music is like an intimate conversation where the performers need to know when to listen and when to be heard.  It’s one of the ultimate forms of music making.

I try to attend live shows whenever the schedule permits. You might say the Ellington Jazz Club has recently become my second home after the Perth Concert Hall. After most WASO concerts, you’ll know where to find me!

The WA Symphony Orchestra is an incredible place to work and I count my blessings every day.  I hope WASO can continue to inspire and move people in an ever-changing world, bringing Perth audiences the major works by leading exponents of the western classical music tradition. At the same time, it’s important for us to continue to search for new ways to be relevant and pass the baton of this great tradition to the next generation.

That “best job in the world” competition got it wrong. I think I have the best job in the world!
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§ 10 Responses to About me

  • Chris Nicholls says:

    Excellent jibe at PG – nice work!

  • Soph says:

    Hey Alex!
    Nice website! I will send you a few of those ethical/political food links I was ranting about last night. What a great night! Really nice to catch up with you, and to make the aquaintence of your dad. And yes, 17A is RIGHT across the road from me, looking sweet and white and green!
    I must say, I felt a little tired today at uni. You must have paid a bit of price too by the time you got to Perth. Hope the flight was okay, and that it feels nice to be back in WA. Let’s stay in touch!

  • Laura Upston says:

    Hey Alex!

    Great blog!

    My names Laura and id love to get in contact with you regarding a new Australian Entertainment website. wordonthestreet.com.au focus on unbiased reviews of events, shows, products, restaurants etc

    Have a look at what its all about here;www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=52099551626&ref=ts

    We’re currently approaching the bloggers we feel will add the quality and interest we need to the Food & Wine section of wordonthestreet.

    If your interested i’d love for your blog to be involved, give me a buzz on laura@wordonthestreet.com.au.

    Thanks! Look forward to hearing from you soon!

    🙂 Laura

  • Kandi says:

    Hi Alex – met you on Sunday at Pata Negra and stumbled from twitter to your blog – really cool site, some great foodie links on here too – may have to steal some for our new site 🙂 Still need some twitter tips – just cusomised our appearance a little – have a look for it under Cravings Club and let me know what you think.
    Kandi – (Cravings Magazine) (PS. dont look at our current website it’s REALLY bad will let you know when the new one goes live)

  • Dale says:

    Hey Alex

    Great blog! Have to say agree with you 100% on music’s ability to change peoples lives. As a guitar play myself, (not a good one at that), I can’t wait till I am good enough to write music that can give hope and happiness to others.

    Anyways, I work for [yellow tail] wine, and thought you might be interested in checking out the Vinyl Bar that we’ve got going on- at the Perth Good Food & Wine Show.

    You can tell them your favourite type of music, and they will help chose the perfect wine blend to go with it. I’m sure there are some great jazz tunes that you could match up with! Once they have found your perfect match, they create for you your very own custom vinyl album cover, with your photo on the front to take home with you!

    Would love to see what sort of cover you get made, if you’re keen send it to me after the show and I can post it up on the website.

    I’ve also set up a website if you’re interested in checking out any extra info @ http://yellowtailvinylstar.blogspot.com/

    If you want to trade links as well I would love to add your blog to our blog roll, let me know!

    All the best mate,

    P.S. Vinyl images will also be available to download from the [yellow tail] website @ http://www.yellowtailwine.com after the show.

  • Wendy Page says:

    Alex – So nice to see your happy words and happy face. Drop me a line, I want to catch up and chat about some stuff XO

  • Wendy Cooper says:

    Hi Alex, nice….just weed myself laughing at the Bass Clarinet Master Chef video. Priceless.

  • alexmillier says:

    Hey thanks Wendy! It’s a hoot huh? Bass Clarinet Iron Chef! Sorry to miss you the other night. Hope to catch up soon. Alex.

  • Christina Barrie says:

    Great blog Alex-Japanese bass clarinets hilarious!

  • floyd williams says:

    Hi Alex,
    I’m trying to contact Alan Meyer on behalf of Greg Smith of the Chicago Symphony. Can you help?
    Floyd Williams
    Qld Conservatorium

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